SHARKALIVE is a patented new shark deterrent concept that protects not only humans but also wild animals like dolphins, turtles and thousands of sharks killed by nets every year all around the world.

Short term decisions like placing nets or culling sharks definitely do not work and make things even more difficult for wildlife and communities dealing with shark attacks.

SHARKALIVE is a new barrier design that has been successfully tested with different shark species including bull sharks, highly involved in shark incidents all over the world

SHARKALIVE is founded on the observation of the instinctive reaction that both animals and humans exhibit when confronted by a spine covered surface. Mother nature offers on land and also underwater many examples where any contact with spines is avoided: cactus plants, porcupines, sea urchins, lion fish, stingrays, puffer fish, etc. Most of them use spines as a defense or warning mechanism that not only helps to protect the animal against potential predators but also invariably provokes a rejection or driving back effect. Sharks as well as humans clearly react, protect themselves and keep away from such elements.

After a series of prototype tests and data analysis, leading scientists and shark specialists including Dr. Geremmy Cliff from Kwazulu Natal Shark Board (SA) and renowned Mexican great white specialist Dr. Mauricio Hoyos firmly believe that the SHARKALIVE concept would act as a real and effective barrier keeping sharks away even when bait is used to provoke them.

SHARKALIVE is a new concept that can make beaches absolutely safe while at the same time protecting wildlife.